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The staff ´s benefits cutoff is a measure some Hotels are taking to come down on Hotels´ expenditures,

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however it has been proven that more staff´ s benefits cutoff , poorer staff performance since it influences negatively in the staff´ s motivation, so to what extent is it a good policy to be considered ?


Male chambermaids , a new trend in Hospitality ?

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How much do you care about CONSISTENCY in your hotel?

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Ms and Mr Fairmont arrived at the hotel early in the morning so they had plenty of time to enjoy the breakfast service. Meanwhile they were at restaurant they notice the immaculate cleanness of the place and the friendly and fast way the waiters attended each table. The breakfast menu was varied and replenished on time. Back into the room they were surprised as the way room was nicely scented and decorated with fresh flowers. The Fairmonts felt they have made the best choice.
Late at night back to the room the Fairmont noticed the turn down service was not made and when complaining to the Guest Relation Department they had the unpleasant sensation of not being properly attended. The Fairmont felt frustrated and disappointed.
It is well known that guest satisfaction is the main goal of every single Hotel, because it will influence in the guest´s loyalty hence in the hotel differentiation in the market. Nevertheless guests feel more satisficed when they are in a consistent hotel environment.
A reliable measurement of total hotel services quality is the consistency by which the service attributes expected by the guest are delivered. Hotel services ´s consistency is an expectation of all the guests at all time in all hotels, they do not want unpleasant surprises.
In a Hotel, consistency means to achieve sameness, uniformity and fairness in the delivery and execution of all kind of services a Hotel offers to its guests, regardless of time, area, occasion or service provider.Hotels must find the ways to guarantee consistency in all the service they offer to their guests, that is why It is time to wonder:
How much do you care about CONSISTENCY in your hotel?
If you care a lot you are already on the way to turn guest´s stays into unique and unforgettable experiences and the success of your Hotel in the market will be CONSISTENT.


The importance of creating WOW WORKING EXPERIENCE in a Hotel.

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The hoteliers’ performance is certainly the greatest competitive and differential advantage of a Hotel , since it determines the level of Hospitality a Hotel extents to its guests.
Here you find some core strategies that can help you create a WOW WORKING EXPERIENCE.
1- Treat your employee with respect.
2- Conceive your employees as human beings with emotional needs to be met.
3- Prioritize employee recognition.
4- Make your employees feel appreciated.
5- Give your employees the means to voice their concerns, doubts, suggestions, thoughts and ideas.


Photoshopping your Hotel promotional pictures ?

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It is a well known fact that the Hotel´s web sites play a decisive role when tourists have to choose a Hotel where to stay in.
For that reason Hotels pay special attention to the way they show and promote its products and services in order to get the tourist´s attention.
Unfortunately, in some Hotels´s webs sites pictures of products and services have been ¨photoshopped¨ showing a reality which is far away from what the guests will find when they get to the property.
Exhuberant rooms amenities, huge bouquets of roses, toiletries, special linens, sumptuous decorations , oversized rooms or hotel´s public areas ( swimmimg pools, lobby bar etc) and overstuffed breakfast or lunch buffet table are among the most common artifices used.
I wonder what would happen when guests arrive looking for what they have seen and they notice a quite different reality ? Do not forget the negative effect of false promises in the guest satisfaction and loyalty.
So, think twice before photoshopping your Hotel promotional pictures.


Guest Experience can be only a solely phrase or a vague concept if the Employees don’t have their own Experience while working in a Hotel.


Changing the WHAT for the HOW in Hospitality.

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We all know the Hospitality Market is one of the most competitive nowadays. In order to differentiate themselves Hotels must go beyond traditional differentiators like hotel products and its associated services. These have become unspoken requeriments , tickets to entry.
Hotel products and its associated services are easy to be copied and turn into commodities. As a Consultant and Trainer I have had the chance of staying in several Hotels and to notice that most of hotels’ products and its associated services are copied, so no difference can be set.
However what really sets a real difference it is HOW the services are rendered to each guest, so I wonder: Who sets the HOW in Hospitality? The Hoteliers¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
The Hotel Staff is the best competitive advantage any Hotel could have, since it cannot be copied.
It is time to change the WHAT for the HOW in Hospitality which means to paid more attention to the hoteliers . Success will be bestowed upon those hotels who are able to embrace and deliver compelling and emotionally engaging staff work experiences.


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I have been a hotelier for 9 years , in this period of time I had the chance of being guest while staying in Hotels offering my services as speaker and trainer in Experiential Hospitality.

Having the opportunity of being a guests in different hotels provides me not only new experiences and knowledge from other colleagues but also makes me be on the guests´s shoes which enriches my performance as a Hotel Butler.

That is why I am convinced that hoteliers who have the chance of staying in Hotels as guests could have a better performance while attending to their guests and it is for sure a huge competitive advantage.
What do you think about it?
Do you think Hotels should promote this ¨ Hoteliers as Guests¨ experience?


It is a certain fact that what really differentiates Hotels in the market is the level of experience the guests can live.

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After bein working for more than 9 years in this Industry and have trained several hoteliers from different Hotels I can say without a doubt that :

The real success of The Guest Experience Desing depends on the hoteliers performance while attending to them.

What really fuels great hoteliers performance is to make them feel cared, understood and valued by the Hotels they work in. To create spaces where the staff can voice their needs, opinions, concerns and willingness is essential to elicit a work ambiance that triggers positive emotions on them. The happiness of your hoteliers will be passed on to the guests whom they perceive the hotel services you render as unique and different.

My humble suggestion to all Hotel owners, directors, managers is to keep an eye on your staff satisfaction levels, do not forget that if you treat them as human beings with ( emotional needs to be met, they will take care of your bussiness This will make your Hotel stand out from the pool in the international market.


Have you ever considered how many time you say: ¨ Dear Guest, thanks for chosing us ¡¡¡

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Guests Retention Program (GRP) based only on offering economic benefits will increase the number of Mercenary Guests who will be able to switch to best deal as they see it.

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How to avoid it? Creating a GRP based on emotional benefits to your guests by making them feel reaching their emotional balance every time they are at your property.


There is no doubt that the Guest Information Management (GIM) has become in a valuable tool which gives the Hotel remarkable competitive advantages in the market.

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The adequate use of it will make the guest feel recognized, differentiated and understood. However a GIM Culture must be set in each Hotel in order to make the best use of it, which means two crucial levels:
1-To have the radar on: To be ready to get guest information.
2-To broadcast: To share the guest information with the others.

    To keep the guest experience as an unforgettable print in the guest´s brain is a differentiation advantage for Hotels nowadays. guest’ lifestyle, habits, customs and personality.

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    The huge challenge is how to keep these prints alive forever ?
    The answer can be found in the Hotel souvenirs. They must not be conceived only as products to be sold or to be given away, but also as activators of the guest experience memories in the hotel. That is why it is important to customize them according to each guest’ lifestyle, habits, customs and personality.



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1-A construction or refurbishment works in progress.
2-The assigned room is not ready to be occupied.
3-The room´s size.
4-The room´s view.
5-Not to be welcome in a friendly way.
6-Not to be recognized.
7-To have to pay extra without being informed previously.
8-To have to wait in a line to check in.
10- To have to wait for the luggage in the room.
11- The room´s key not functioning.
12- To find some housekeeping mistakes in the room.

If I have to define the 5 GREATS in the Hospitality Industry , I would say:

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1st- Great Hotel Employee Work Experience.
2nd- Great Hotel Products.
3rd- Great Hotel Services.
4th- Great Guest Experience.
5th- Great Guest Emotional Benefits.

In some hotels there is a gap in the relationships between the F&B Department with the rest of the Hotel, in detriment to the overall quality of the Hotel services. Why does it still happen?

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Have we ever considered how crucial it is for us to share our working time with the guest in a Hotel ? ..........

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Have we ever considered which percent of our working time is used to do it ?

Have we ever considered what ¨ to share our working time with the guests¨ means ?

According to me it means:

1- To be where the guests are.
2- To be where we could observe them.
3- To have enough time to listen to them.
4- To be willing to talk to them.
5- To get them to approach us.
6- To make them feel we are committed to understand them.

We can not forget that more time we share with the guests it will represent higher percents of satisfied and loyal guest.

Don´t forget that the H in Hospitality stands for Human.

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The human expertise means skills and experiences in human relations mostly related to the emotional intelligence level. It tells us about the capacity we have to interact with the guest and to make them feel important, recognized, valued and emotional understood.
I think the staff recruitment and selection process in Hotels most consider the human expertise of all the candidates since it is critical to differentiate the Hotel in the market.


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