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Gracias a todos los que me han escrito a mi e.mail para hacerme llegar sus valiosos comentarios sobre mis articulos, cada opinion me ha servido para seguir profundizando en mi trabajo.

Thanks to all of you who have sending me valuable comments on the articles I wrote, it  encourages me to go on.

Dear Mr Cruz

I am a student of SHMS( Swiss Hotel Management School), our group is doing a presentation about Experiential Hospitality,
We saw that you wrote so many articles about Experiential Hospitality, it was great that let us knew more about this topic.
Actually we have two questions about this topic,
1.who is the researcher/ professional first introduced this topic?
2,When was this topic first introduced and why was it developed?
All the articles of "Experiential Hospitality" that we can found in Google was written by Mr. Osvaldo Torres Cruz,
so we think that you must do a lot research on this topic, and we even wonder if you are the researcher first introduced this topic.

We are looking forward to your reply, thank you so much!

Thank you

Estimados todos,

Adjunto les remito una carta que he recibido de una huésped, la Sr. Bartley que estuvo hospedada en el mes de junio en nuestro hotel.

Creo que esta carta define perfectamente lo que el Sr. Osvaldo Torres nos enseñó acerca de la Hospitalidad de los Sentidos…

Para los que no lo puedan comprender muy bien, la Sra. Bartley nos visitó a raíz de unos graves problemas de salud que tuvo en el año 2010 y por eso decidió visitar nuestro hotel para relajarse y recuperarse anímicamente de lo sufrido.

La Sra. Bartley relata que todos los empleados le brindaron un trato excelente y que la hicieron sentir verdaderamente como una persona especial y querida. Disfrutó a plenitud de todos nuestros servicios y además pagó por un Upsell.

Ricardo Domínguez
Director Ejecutivo Iberostar Grand Hotel Bávaro
Executive Manager

Dear Sir
I would like to know a few details of Butlers Concern
Many Greetings from Sri Lanka

Asela P Rajakaruna
Food & Beverage Manager
PO Box 126 - Galle - Sri Lanka

Dear Mr. Cruz,
I am Quang, from Hue city, Vietnam. I am working for Ana Mandara Hue resort as a butler. I want to be more and more professional in my job. Can you share me your experiences as a butler ? Thank you very much.
I look forward to receiving your reply.

Best regards,

Le Truong Nhat Quang
Guest relations officer - Ana Mandara Hue Beach Resort & Spa
An Hai Village, Thuan An Town, Phu Vang District, Thua Thien - Hue Province


Hello good morning, I'm Liz Alarcon from Mérida Venezuela i will like know about the TRAINING PROGRAM: EXPERIENCE IN THE HOSPITALITY BUSINESS. the dates that would be given the next and the city and cost...!

Buenas tardes Sr. Torres

Que sean estas primeras líneas para agradecerle su tiempo y dedicación con su  seminario “ Mayordomo” , en nuestra hermosa Ciudad de Panamá, adicional estoy interesada en tener información sobre las llaves de Concierge, recuerda que conversamos un  poco sobre el tema, pero el poco tiempo y la perspectiva del viaje nos quedo muy corto para seguir con el tema.

Estoy poniendo en practica todos aquellos detalles sugeridos en el seminario, y sin lugar a duda con beneficios muy positivos tanto para el hotel y muy gratificante para mi persona, esperando que todo lo referente al trabajo ande caminando de maravilla y deseándole millones de éxitos y bendiciones.

En espera de poder tenerlo pronto en casa y cualquier consulta adicional estamos a su entera disposición.


Ilse Castillo Shady
Hotel Finisterre Suites & Spa
Calle Colombia, 3ra A Sur, Bellavista, ciudad de Panama, Panamá.

Hello Osvaldo..

And….your articles and professionalism are always inspiration to me….Bravo to our shared passion!


Roberta K. Nedry
President and Founder
Hospitality Excellence, Inc.
"Experience 3D Service--a New Dimension in Service Excellence"
1951 Coral Reef Drive
Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida 33062

 ** THROUGH THE EYES OF A HOTEL BUTLER ** Great article written by an Argentinian hotel butler: How so-called “functional suggestions” help getting personal information from the guest.
Comment uploaded in facebook by IFH Worldwide. 12-04-2010, 23:43 pm.

Dear Sir what should the Butler room contain as equipment and what should be it's size. What communication system should there be between the Guest and the Butler and between the Butler and the rest of the hotel, will it be a mobile phone or a DECT phone or anything special? What would be the software to be used in the computer system ? The article through the eyes of the Butler was very informative. Awaiting your response.Many thanks  best regards

I like the concept - I look forward to you developing these ideas further..I think they can be valuable additions the operations of a hotel, no matter location or hotel class.
Brett Lasher
Director, Development
Southeast Region Hyatt.


Estimado Osvaldo:
                              I was reading your blog recently and it really inspired me.
 After many years in the Valet chapter of the Hospitality Industry I find myself as part of a team of "Lobby Ambassadors".

For me it is a new term "Lobby Ambassadors"... I have been told that this name refers to any associate working in Hotel/Hospitality Industry that happens to be posted in the main entrance lobby and is susceptible to come in contact with the arriving guests, visitors or just any walk in to the Hotels's main lobby.

Now, "I 'm a Bellman" and I became one this past January/2011. I have worked for this particular Hotel for over 5 years in the capacity of Valet Midnight Supervisor, during this past holidays I came in contact with this fine gentleman of influence and Platinum guest to the hotel
which I understand put a good word for me out of his heart because he always used to say to me:Benjamin....You should be dealing with the hotel's guests during the day and not overnight, you come across very sincere, and always have a great actitude, and make people laugh.

Now Osvaldo, What do you recomend to this old Cuban guy who wants to be the best at his field and try to inspire others to give 110% and to take the initiative at their work.

                                                                                      Benjamin Suarez Jr./Bellman

Just read your article on the emotional factor in the Hospitality Industry -- really enjoyed reading it and thought it was spot on...we are moving more and more towards an 'experiential' economy --  guest service & experience and the resultant emotions these cause will play a bigger and bigger role in the level of guest satisfaction going forward. 
Would be an interesting topic to expound upon further..
Best regards-

Brett Lasher
Director, Development
Southeast Region Hyatt.

Greetings Mr. Torres,

An industry colleague passed along your contact information in hopes that you would include me in future Butler-related correspondence and newsletters. I work in the corporate office for St. Regis Hotels , a brand with deep roots in the tradition of providing fine Butler service.
 I would welcome any relevant content on the subject.
 Best regards,
 Matthew Gabree
Manager, Global Guest Initiatives
St. Regis | The Luxury Collection
601 W. 26th Street Suite 830  |  New York , NY 10001

David Kotthoff (BYND) para usuario
mostrar detalles 20-ene (4 días antes) Responder
Dear Osvaldo,
Greetings from sunny Maldives!
I came across your article "Customized Services - Key Strategy in Guest Services" recently and herewith kindly ask your permission to reprint the article in our bi-monthly magazine 'Hospitality Maldives'. Our publication serves as an educational resource for the employees of the local hospitality industry, is being distributed completely free of charge every 2 months and I am sure the above mentioned write-up would be extremely valuable to our readers.
Very much looking forward to hearing from you, I remain.

With best wishes,
David Kotthoff
Chief Executive Officer

Beyond Group of Companies
G. Kathlyn, Level 4, Daisy Magu, Male’, Republic of Maldives
Dear Osvaldo,

Greetings and Happy and Prosperous 2009 to you.
Well, My name is Clever Zulu and I am Head Butler at North-Island Resort in the Seychelles. I just took the liberty to introduce myself to you and let you know that I do enjoy your articles in the Morden Butlers Journal. Keep it up and Well done.
I would like to stay connected to you and learn the industry trends as they unfold.

When is the Butlers convention and where? Please advise.
 Clever Zulu.


Muchas gracias por tu pronta respuesta y desde ya te expreso un gran interes en mantenernos en contacto y encontrar la manera de utilizar tus amplios conocimientos en la implementacion y puesta en marcha de nuestro departamento de Butlers.


Sergio Nuñez del Prado B.
Hotel Manager
Hotel Tambo del Inka, Luxury Collection
Av. Ferrocarril s/n
Urubamba, Cusco
Good Day Mr. Cruz,

My name is Tiffany and I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I enjoyed your article on customized service as well as another article concerning the role of hotel butlers; both featured on Hospitality Net. As an avid reader and researcher of the hotel industry I find your opinions and suggestions to be refreshing and helpful. I strongly believe in the power of exceptional customer service and that what you give is ultimately what you get. Your writing reinforces my views and gives a strong argument as to why hotel owners should always strive to be exceptionally customer service oriented.

Again, great job on your writing and I look forward to reading more.

Have a great day,

Tiffany Joiner
Dear Osvaldo,

I enjoyed reading your article very much. I believe that you have captured the role of the Butler very well and how important it is from a service recovery perspective.

Best Regards,
Rajan Lai
Director Human Resources The Plaza
A Fairmont Managed Hotel
Fifth Avenue at Central Park South
New York, N.Y. 10019
Sr, Torres,

 Sr, Torres,

  Thank you for the reply. I read some of your articles and i think they are fantastic. I had the opportunity to spend a week training at the Alvear Palace this past April and spent some time with the butler department , especially Francisco. I am currently a front office manager at The Alex Hotel here in NYC , we are also members of the Leading Hotels. I am passionate about the luxury hotel industry and am interested in further discussing our experiences.

Hillel Spinner
Front Office Manager , Alex Hotel, New York City, USA
A Leading Hotel of the World - AAA 4 Diamond Award Winner


Muy bueno, te acabo de leer en
Hotel Online News for the Hospitality Executive


Llao Llao Hotel & Resort,
Nora Espector
Rooms Division Manager

Llao Llao Hotel & Resort, Golf - Spa
Av. Bustillo Km. 25 - (R8401ALN) - S. C. de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina

Dear Osvaldo,

my name is Sebastian Hirsch and I am the founder of,
a professional Butler Service on a temporary basis.
I recently came across your written article about the role of the
butler in today`s Hotel Industry, which I find an excellent read!
With your permission I would like to publish your article on my
website together with articles that I have recently given for
Bloomberg and an international Ship`s Magazine.

Many thanks for your considerration.

Kind regards
Sebastian Hirsch
Dear Mr Torres Cruz,
 First of all I would like to congratulate you for your article below, printed on eHotelier
 I am at present recruiting butlers for our new 5 star deluxe hotel in southern Portugal (Leading Hotels of the World), so I kindly ask for your help to forward me resumes of Butlers or indicate me a group of persons or schools that may be contacted to forward me such documents
 Many thanks for your kind cooperation
 Mário Candeias
General Manager
Hotel Tivoli Victoria (opens January 09)
Dear Mr. Cruz
Great article! About the butler’s service in the Hospitality Industry. I am the Resort Manager on Duty at the St. Regis Resort Monarch Beach Dana Point , the only 5 star and 5 diamond Resort in California . The St. Regis Resort provide butlers services to all the guests in the suites, the services (something unusual for California guest ) was very well receive and great amenity that complement the St. Regis  Brand. (The St. Regis butlers were introduce 2 years ago -2005)

Maria Fitzsimons | Resort Manager on Duty | St. Regis Monarch Beach |One Monarch Beach Resort, Dana Point, California 92629  | Phone:  
Hello Osvaldo

Thanks so much for your note below and kind remarks.  It is always interesting to hear from readers like you in countries so far away that are finding my articles relevant. 

Meantime, I did click the link to the article you wrote:  “The butler in today’s hotel environment.”  It is very well written and I’m sure your colleagues find it to be useful. 

Hope you continue to read my monthly articles in the future.  They are archived at my main publication:     All the best of luck to you! 


Doug KennedPresident
Kennedy Training Network
Dear Osvaldo Torres Cruz.,
I have read your article in the E hotelier magazine and am impressed we are looking for devloping the top most Butler service at The Raj Palace in Jaipur and are looking for some one who can train fresh hospitality graduates as bUtlers for our hotel can you please advise if you can assist in this in any way.

Your's Sincerely

Arun puri

Arun Puri
  Managing Director

The Raj Palace 
Amber Road
Zorawar Singh Gate


Osvaldo Torres Cruz

He estado leyendo su articulo del Mayordomo, interesante y muy particular para lo cual se deben poseer las competencias necesarias
para poder lograr la cercanias con el clientes. Me interesa saber si es posible obtener alguna guia para la preparación y alistamiento a dicho cargo.
Entiendo que su hotel es un Leading y por lo tanto las exigencias son mayores, soy instructor en servicios de una escuela Leading, pero me interesó
su aporte a la revista Chef y Hotel.
Saludos desde Chile

Juan Fc Quezada Moraga

Enjoyed reading your article Through the eyes of a Hotel Butler: Guests That Attract Other Guests: Priceless Hotel Allies and couldn't agree more! I’ve included a link to a brief newsletter from January that addresses the same phenomenon:

Thank you for adding to this important discussion!


Steve Curtin
customer enthusiast!
Dear Osvaldo,

Your article posted on ehotelier ‘Through the eyes of a Hotel Butler: Guest satisfaction’ was indeed very interesting.

We would really be interested to get a deeper understanding on this topic eg. Do you have a process to measure the guest satisfaction? Training conducted to increase satisfaction? Any other relevant details you share would be useful.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks & Regards,


The Indian Hotels Company Limited
Oxford House, 1st Floor, 15/17 N.F Road,
Apollo Bunder, Mumbai - 400 001
Hello Mr. Cruz,

The first half of my professional careeer was in hospitality, including teh ownership of my own restaurant/ lounge for ten years, as well as a GM for a ski resort.

Currently, I'm Director of two family homeless shelters and am slated to deliver a state-wide workshop with the title of "Hospitality, Humor, and Homelessness" showing that the effective means of hospitality help move our clients positively foward (as opposed to more of a rigid or even "jail-like" atmosphere).

I found your articles online and am requesting your permission to use them in my presentation. They are excellent and relevent.

Thank you for your patinet consideration, Sir.
I appreciate it! I trust all is well in your World!

Dan Mitchell
Director- SHARE Homestead


Dear Mr. Torres,

I hope this email finds you well and healthy

I read your articles at and I really liked them

I'm the founder and the Webmaster of a concierge website related  to tourism in Jordan, we are still working on hotels and restaurants data which will be online soon.

Actually I'm contacting you to have your permission to publish your articles at my site so the hoteliers in Jordan will get benifit from your experience.

thanking you for your time and looking forward to hear from you soon...

Best Regards

Raed Zaro

You refer to 1939…. Do you have any history on this…i.e. which hotel company was the first?
I am writing an article on Luxury Travel and would find this useful…will credit you

The first time that the concept of life style appeared was in 1939. In sociology a life style is the way in which a person  or a group of persons live. Life style is very much related to culture and habits of every individual, with people belonging to a homogeneous social environment tending to share similar life styles. A person's life style reflects his way of life and is determined by all different variables and demographic, economical, cultural, social and internal elements. Every consuming decision taken by the individual will reinforce or partially change his life style.

Dev Anand
Estimado Sr. Torres,
igualmente agradezco su pronta atencion a mi respuesta.

No quede menos que IMPRESIONADO! por la cantidad de comentarios de aprecio y reconocimiento a sus excelentes escritos y comentarios de su experiencia. Felicidades!.

Me tomare un dia, para informarme y leer los articulos relacionados (segun las direcciones que me proporciono). Luego le comunicare a mi Director General, Thierry Eck, para establecer alguna estrategia de "estrechar" el vinculo, aqui iniciado.

Como, creo que sabra, en Panama se esta "gestando" un potencial desarrollo turistico y necesitamos de sinergias, como la que podamos desarrollar nosotros, para mejorar nuestro servicio.

Nuestra escuela ha cumplido su primer aniversario y tenemos la dicha de contar con un reconocimiento notable (a pesar de lo nobel) y estamos despertando grandes expectativas.  Por lo cual, considero muy oportuna nuestra comunicacion.

Me despido cordialmente y quedo con la tarea de leerle, proximamente me estare contactando con Ud., mas quedo a sus ordenes igualmente y en contacto.

Roberto Jean-Francois
Director de Hospitalidad
Panama International Hotel School
Dear Mr Cruz,

i have just rad your article on ehotelier and find your insight to the business excellent.

I am establishing a 5+++ star hotel with a satff to room ratio of 11 to 1 in southern china which will be focusing its entire front of house on exactly what you have highlighted. In fact i will have a team of 42 multi tasked and trained concierge staff that will ahndle the entire front of house experience from ck in to ck out. they will handle and own guest requests from beginning to end.

woukld you be intersted in doing training for my team/

pls advise your interest and terms.

Kind regards

Fredrik Genberg
Pre-Opening General Manager
Imperial Springs
Kingold Group Hospitality Division
6F, Guangzhou International Trade Centre,
1 Linhe Road West, Tianhe District
(Post): 510620
Estimado Sr. Torres Cruz:

Mi nombre es Laura Resco, y soy una estudiante de posgrado en el área de Hospitality Management en Glion, Suiza. Siendo argentina, creo que es una buena idea promocionar los hoteles de excelencia que existen en el país, por lo que elegí el Alvear Palace Hotel como negocio a analizar para un proyecto de la clase de Marketing. El propósito de este mail es felicitarlo y agradecerle por sus artículos publicados en Hospitality Net. La experiencia que en ellos demuestra, los consejos que comparte y el conocimiento que provee acerca del Alvear y de la industria turística en general me han resultado de mucha utilidad para mi proyecto, y estoy segura de que serán muy valiosas para mi desarrollo profesional.

Nuevamente, felicitaciones y gracias,

Dear Osvaldo,
Thank you for your great article in E-hotelier , I will sure use it in our clients, where we carry out training and Mystery Guest programms !
Luís Duarte
General Manager
Pentaudis, Lda.
Rua da Moeda, Nº 1 – 1º, Sala 3
1200 – 275 Lisboa
Mystery Guest | Um olhar atento ao seu negócio.

Dear , Osvaldo

Thank for your article in Modern Butler Journal.

yes, a lot of good guest coment  from the guest to butler, becouse the service so detail and personalize and attention, a lot of guest as repeter becouse they want meet they butler,  some time  they/guest request same butler  as previous stay. a lot of hotel butler
be brought by the guest as thier butler. let,s keep butler more be profesiaonal and smart.

Thank you very much

Best regard

Midi Hartono

fecha2 de julio de 2009 00:32
asuntoThrough the Eyes of a Hotel Butler

ocultar detalles 2 jul (hace 3 días) Responder

Am reading your articles and just wonder, r u really a hotel butler??
your sharing is brilliant and interesting. Thanks!

Senhor Osvaldo Cruz

Li recentemente um clip de jornal que voce escreveu e me interessou muito.  Tambem entrei no site do seu hotel, e li sobre os servicos que oferecem os butlers (mordomos).

Eu trabalho para o Hyatt Grand Champions na California e tambem temos servicos de butler comparados aos que voces usam no Alvear Palace Hotel.  Eu tenho algumas perguntas sobre certos servicos, e se possivel gostaria de falar consigo sobre os mesmos.

Se nao for muita incoveniencia, poderia-me mandar um email como o poderei contactar?!

Muito Obrigado

Marco A Capeloa | Guest Services Manager
Hyatt Grand Champions Resort, Villas and Spa
deGeorge W <>

fecha2 de agosto de 2009 09:03

ocultar detalles 2 ago (1 día antes) Responder

I am a Head Butler and House Manager for eight years in Palm Beach Fl.
Previously I spend twenty years in five Star Hotel and Restaurants including
a very prestige Club in Palm Beach.
I would like to find a possible Internship in a Major Hotel in the U.S. to get a feel for
the Hotel Butler in the industry.
Do you have  Any Suggestions?

George Wacker2009/9/2 Burkhard Daniel <

Dear Osvaldo,
Very nice article, I like ti very much.
Especially the conclusion.
All the best Daniel Burkhard

Hermitage Hotels & Restaurants Consulting Ltd
 Giannina, Sandor, Osvaldo y Ricardo
Junto con saludarles, les escribo para felicitarlos y agradecerles sinceramente por su compromiso, dedicación y alegría brindada durante los tres días del desarrollo del Concurso de Hotelería de la semana pasada.
No pude personalmente compartir mucho con Uds. , pero sin duda pude observar el excelente equipo que se formó entre Uds y que los alumnos los reconocieron y valoraron.
Espero que nos volvamos encontrar en el futuro, Desde ya, si vienen nuevamente a Valparaíso estaré encantada de recibirles.
Espero hayan retornado bien a sus hogares
Atte, les saluda

Cecilia Marín I.
Directora carreras Hotelería, Turismo y Nutrición.
Inacap Valparaíso
Av.España 2250, Valparaíso
Estimadas (os):

    Junto con saludarlos, me sumo a los agradecimientos de Cecilia, felicitarlos por su impecable participación, destacando sus aportes, profesionalismo y actitud, que es el sello de quienes trabajan en Hotelería. Esperamos poder tener prontamente otros encuentros,  en que nos podamos apoyar y colaborar con esta hermosa industria. Como lo conversamos, los alumnos valoraron mucho, vuestra presencia, retroalimentación y calidez.
Cuenten con nosotros.

Muchas Gracias,
Un gran abrazo Amigos,


Gabriel Leonart Tomás
Director de carrera Hotelería
Universidad Tecnológica de Chile INACAP
Avda. Apoquindo 7282, Santiago
Patricio Zucconi <

paraosvaldo torres <>

fecha30 de marzo de 2009 21:13
asuntoRE: Saludos de Osvaldo Torres - Alvear Palace

ocultar detalles 30 mar

Estimado Oswaldo
Muchas gracias por tu tiempo y tus conocimientos, los chicos del Monasterio q asistieron al curso lo disfrutaron.
Un abrazo y estamos en contacto
Patricio Zucconi.
Gerente General
Hotel Monasterio.
Cuzco Peru.
Estimado Osvaldo,

Hola Osvaldo,
                    Espero hayas retornado bien y con muchas experiencias buenas para recordar y difundir. No escribí antes porque justo después de nuestro último día de curso, viajé a Lima para participar de un taller de finanzas. Recién regresé a cusco y creo haber obtenido ideas y herramientas para lograr un buen equilibrio entre servicios y administración.
                    Por ahora te escribo para agradecerte lo compartido en el curso (fue casi terapéutico para mi) y por la visita a Inkaterra La Casona. Fue un placer tenerlos aquí. Ya sabes que es tu casa y que eres siempre bienvenido. Esta es mi dirección de correo electrónico. La dejo a tu disposición.

Un abrazo,

 Erick Torres
 Jefe de Recepcion y Servicios
 Plazoleta Nazarenas 113, Cusco


fecha13 de octubre de 2009 01:34
asuntoHow to Ensure guest feel heard and Acknowledged

ocultar detalles 13 oct (hace 3 días)

Dear Mr. Osvaldo,

First let me introduce myself, my name Feri Herlambang  i work as hotelier in indonesia since 2005. Maybe i was one of your fans through your articles which i read at There is many of yours articles inspired me a lot, thats why maybe i consider you as my teacher (if you dont mind). Through this email i would ask about something that very important for me as hotelier who concern about guest satisfaction, and my question is " How to ensure guest feel heard and acknowledge?" . Do you have any articles related or maybe some tips for me since i was a new player in hotel industries. Thank you very much for some inspiration that come from you, and look forward for your reply.

Warms Regards
Feri Herlambang

fecha13 de octubre de 2009 20:35
asuntoThrough the eyes of a hotel butler

Dear Osvaldo,

Your article on the butler service is very interesting.
I noticed that there are several articles on “Through the eyes of a Hotel Butler”.
Would it be possible for me to receive these articles?

Thank you and best regards,
Ilse Wittens


fecha18 de octubre de 2009 06:35

Dear Mr Cruz,
I have had much pleasure in reading your articles on Hotel Industry News about customized service.
I am a newly appointed responsible for a unit of 21 luxury villas and would like to know whether you would mind sending me via email some documentations or written procedures about butler service.

I thank you in advance for your very kind response

With kind regards

Jean Francois Laurette

2010/4/13 Michele Howe <>

Hi Osvaldo,

Interesting. Would you be interested in doing an article exclusive to Hotel Management Asia on the relevance of the butler in today’s hospitality sector, examining how the role of the hotel butler has changed and evolved – both in terms of responsibilities and how common it is for a hotel to offer a butler service – as well as looking at the importance of the butler’s role in modern society where increasingly life is tech-led? Let me know, thanks,
Michele Michele HoweOnline EditorHotel Management Asiawww.hmasia.netE:


Estimado Osvaldo….un gusto saludarle; es increíble como ha pasado el tiempo, pero ahora si quiero retomar este tema, porque me interesa mucho ver la factibilidad de concretar  la actividad que dejamos stand by el año pasado.

La idea sería realizar una charla o especie de Seminario ( duración aprox. 4 horas ) para los alumnos de mi área; y también poder invitar a algunas personas de los hoteles locales.
Para ello es necesario en primer lugar saber su disponibilidad ; ya que me gustaría realizar esta actividad en Mayo o Junio a mas tardar. Sería necesario en una primera instancia saber si tiene la disponibilidad horaria; cuales serían sus honorarios, ya que el tema de hotel y pasajes debe correr por nuestra cuenta.

En espera de sus noticias y agradeciendo de antemano su colaboración,  le envío mis cordiales saludos ,esperando tenerle pronto por acá;

Ana María Errazu Ruiz
Directora de Carrera Áreas Gastronomía y Hotelería
Universidad Tecnológica de Chile INACAP
Valdivia Avda. España
Hello again Osvaldo,

Your articles and perspectives are so  insightful and so focused on the important issues in guest service today. Thank you for sharing them.

I would like to explore working with you as a strategic partner and affiliate of our new online training program. The first step will be to set you up with a complimentary pass to view the online course, “3D Service—A New Dimension in Service Excellence”. This is the first in a series of courses leading to an international certification.  You would share in the revenue of any courses you sell.  This could be big!!  Please confirm that this is of interest?

My partners, Michael Platner and Jim Faulhaber( copied on this message) will be in touch on more specifics but we will get you into the course right away so you can begin to think about how to position it in your market.

Thank you again for reaching out to us….we look forward to working with you!


Roberta K. Nedry
Hospitality Excellence, Inc.
"Experience 3D Service--a New Dimension in Service Excellence"

Muchas gracias, excelente artículo, me gusto mucho como segregas esto en diferentes niveles, esto le da mucho sentido, he compartido tu articulo con nuestra Area de Guest Relations que maneja a Butlers y Concierges,


Sergio Nuñez del Prado B.
General Manager
Tambo del Inka, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa
Av. Ferrocarril s/n
Urubamba, Cusco
Luxury Collection Tambo del Inka Resort & Spa, Valle Sagrado

Dear sir
I ave just learned what you write  in
  and I find an  important Imformations  because I also work as a butler in a place hotel er in morocco.
when  I found that you are   from argentina I just want write to you.. because I speeak very good spanis!!espero que tengamos   un contacto  para poder acer un intercambio  cultural!!
  cuidate mucho
 mohammed marakec marruecos

0/7/27 Ernst Ludick <>
>> Dear Sir
>> I read one of your articles and was interested to see if you could
>> provide any more resources on butler training or if you could provide
>> any links to good sources?
>> Best regards
>> Ernst
>> --
>> Ernst Ludick
>> skype: ernstludick
paraosvaldo torres <>

fecha28 de julio de 2010 01:42
asuntoRe: Butler Training

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Hi Osvaldo

I am interested in both Hotel and Private butler service. I am working
on a remote property in Indonesia called Nihiwatu and would like to
improve the quality of our butler service. We will also be opening
four fully-serviced villas which include butler service and am about
to begin preparation for that.

Best regards


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asuntoinfo about reading sources

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Dear Mr. Torres Cruz,

I hope this e-mail finds you well.

I have been reading some of your articles posted on the website.

At the moment, in Iberostar we are developing the Grand Collection Grand. This is a new higher-luxury concept for all-inclusive resorts. In order to provide a different and improved service we have included the presence of the butler.

I was wondering if you have more reading material such as books and or training material for us to buy in order to provide more insight about the profession of the butler to our associates.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Best regards,

Stefano Baratelli
Iberostar Grand Hotel Bávaro
Sub-Director / Executive Assistant Manager


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asuntobutler services in luxury palaces

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please send me some information on butlers in four seasons,ritz carlton and st. regis.
thank you

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Dear Osvaldo,

Good article on Ehotelier this morning. You describe very well the attributes of hotel butler service. Having implemented and operated a hotel butler service myself for several years in a luxury hotel in the Middle East, I subscribe wholeheartedly to the concept and I agree with the theory you display. However, having moved from the Middle East to a European luxury property where a butler service was in place, I have come to the conclusion that not all guests need or even want the butler service. You can therefore not make blanket statements that hotels need butler services. First of all, our service here was very expensive to run, given the salary structure. As we operate a 269 room hotel, we were therefore unable to offer this service to all guests, thus limiting it to suite guests (we have 39 suites) and offering the service to anyone else at an additional fee. During my first year here, the butler service was requested and paid for twice, and offered and accepted as part of the suite (that’s right, offered, we do not like to force services on the guest, we like our guests to be able to choose) perhaps a dozen times. As a result we concluded that our guests do not “want” it, and as with everything else a hotel may offer, it needs to be tailored to its guests. I am now looking to get my guest relations team trained in the basic of hotel butlering so we may elevate the guest relations function from being there to assist, to make a pro-active difference to the guest experience. I believe that the “attitude and behaviour” of the butlering profession has a place in most hotels, but not always the full service.
I still host 3 times a year a class of The International Butler Academy for a night in my hotel, as I think butlering and hotel operations (should) have an important overlapping area of skills.

Thank you for inspiring me to write this note to you. Best of luck with the profession, please do keep promoting it. Best regards,

Marc de Beer
General Manager
Conrad Brussels
Avenue Louise 71
1050 Brussels, Belgium

I shall be writing about butlers shortly and I will be contacting you with some questions.  All best, Mary Gostelow

Editor-at-Large, the online magazine of, and Owner-Editor global market intelligence monthly Gostelow Report

From: <>
Date: 2010/9/8                                                                                                                             

Subject: The Best Butler Service in the World.

Mr Cruz

It was a pleasure reading your article on the internet in respect to “The
Butler services” of a Hotel. Our Hotel is called “ITC Hotel, The Grand
Central”. It’s a Luxury Collection Hotel from Starwood.

 I have been leading the Butler’s Department of my Hotel for the past one
year. And I have failed more than once to produce the Superlative service
which is expected from the butlers of a hotel. I am fortunate to have a
very strong team but there was something a miss with the methodology in
play. This is what I thought initially but soon realize there was something
more to it. I did soon discover the essence which was missing. The missing
element was that of “Passion” for the Butler Services. Blind exhausting
Passion to be the best in the world.

 You will be Happy to know that we have been on track for the last couple
of months. All that was required was a bit of motivation and a greed for
excellence. As a team ,we have been hearing praises from all around. The
guests, the bosses, the Vice presidents of the company are giving very good
feedbacks to us.

I know it just a beginning and we have a long way to sprint before we can
rest. I would like to request you to give me any operational advise if you
please in context of the modern Five star hotels. But anyhow the passion
shall not die. And articles like these only fuels it further. It would be
my honor to offer you  the World’s best Butler Service If you ever happen
to visit India. Thank you.

Asst. Manager - Food & Beverage

ITC Hotel The Grand Cental
287,Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Road
Parel, Mumbai 400 012, India
Estimado Sr. Torres,

Junto con saludarlo, le comento que usted estuvo recientemente hospedado en el Hotel donde trabajo en Temuco, Chile (Hotel Dreams), trabajo de Concierge, lamentablemente por tiempo no pude entablar alguna conversacion con usted, ya que solo me entere quien era, el día que fui a la charla que realizo junto a la Sra. Nora en Inacap y, lamentablemente ese mismo día tuve que salir de la ciudad,
La charla y la cual le agradezco, pues usted pudo reafirmar alguna de mis tesis y hacerme aprender  de otras referente al servicio que se debe dar.
Usted como huésped, se dio cuenta que nuestro hotel no es de lujo, pero intenta poder cumplir con los estándares y hacer sentir al huésped de forma cómoda y eficiente, esperando que usted y la Sra. Nora, hallan podido disfrutar y sentir lo que queremos reflejar.
disculpeme si tuve la osadía de escribir a su correo, pero creame que no ha sido fácil llegar hasta donde estoy, por lo mismo me decidí a escribirle, porque poder conocer a alguien que Internacionalmente maneje lo que día a día intento entregar, es fabuloso , recientemente y por mi cargo, me pude incorporar a la Asociación de Concierge de Chile, la cual cuenta con la presencia de los mejores Hoteles de nuestro País y en donde mi idea es poder aprender de los conocimientos que mis pares con mas tiempo que yo, me puedan entregar.
Para mi haber estado en vuestra charla, reafirmo varias de las tesis que manejo y que día a día entrego al staff que trabaja conmigo. Yo llegue a Temuco por la apertura de este Hotel, soy de Viña del mar y me caracterizo por entregar lo mejor de mi en pos del servicio, por lo mismo reitero mis disculpas por la osadía de tomar su correo y escribirle, pero ojala que no sea mucho pedir, ya que me gustaría poder contar con algunos Consejos suyos y así ayudarme a seguir creciendo en esta profesión, si bien llevo 10 años en Hoteleria, de los cuales solo 5 de concierge, trato de realizar mi trabajo de la forma que en su charla plantea y sin duda viendo que su perspectiva es ideal y la dinámica que se debe utilizar es la correcta.
espero poder seguir en contacto con usted, me pareció muy interesante poder darme cuenta que mis ideales de trabajo no están lejos de lo que usted ya enseña y plantea, los cuales me imagino los utiliza en el bello Hotel donde usted trabaja.
Esperando no incomodar con mi correo y agradeciendo vuestro tiempo, me despido.



Danko Vrsalovic M.
Concierge Hotel Dreams Araucania
Miembro Agrupacion de Concierge de Chile
Dear Sir

I read one of your articles and was interested to see if you could
provide any more resources on butler training or if you could provide
any links to good sources?

Best regards


Ernst Ludick
skype: ernstludick

Ernst Ludick <>
paraosvaldo torres <>

fecha28 de julio de 2010 01:42
asuntoRe: Butler Training

Hi Osvaldo

I am interested in both Hotel and Private butler service. I am working
on a remote property in Indonesia called Nihiwatu and would like to
improve the quality of our butler service. We will also be opening
four fully-serviced villas which include butler service and am about
to begin preparation for that.

Best regards


Gracias Osvaldo, no te imagina que motivados nos dejaste a todos, ya estamos implantado cosas de las que nos enseñaste.

Claro¡¡¡ te mantendré informado y también te darás cuenta cuando los clientes hablen de nosotros en el TripAdvisor, ajajajajaja

Queremos implantar un precedente, dando uno de los mejores servicios en la rama de mayordomos. (Como decimos aquí, la esperanza en lo ultimo que se pierde)

Cuídate, esperamos verte pronto y los mejores deseos en tu trayectoria¡¡¡¡¡

Cordial saludos,

Rosario Rosario
Iberostar Grand Hotel Bávaro
Gerente División Cuartos / Rooms Division Manager

Carretera Arena Gorda, BávaroTeléfono+
00 809 Bávaro Punta CanaFax+La Altagracia, República DominicanaExt.1505


Estimado Osvaldo.

              Junto con saludar, quisiera felicitar por tu nota  la cual comparto.

 Un gusto ver este tipo de artículos en la Chef & Hotel

 Saludos de Copiapó Chile.

Leandro Moller Foster.
Director de AA & BB
Antay Casino & Hotel
Copiapó - Chile

Dear Mr. Osvaldo Torres Cruz,

I read a few articles from you at the 4hoteliers webpage. They're fantastic! Such a great information.
My name is Diego Martinez, I just started as a butler at the Cartagena de Indias Small Luxury Hotel and I want you to give some tips or advises that can help to improve my job.

I hope to hear from you very soon.

We keep in touch.

Best regards,

Diego Martinez
Business Manager
U. de C.

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  1. Estimado señor Torres

    Mi nombre es Alexander Rubin de Celis, mayordomo del Tambo del Inka a Luxury Collection, Resort and Spa del Valle Sagrado de los Inkas.

    Sólo quería tomarme un minuto para mencionar que me gusto mucho el artículo "Through The Eyes Of A Hotel Butler" por el hecho de saber que para poder alcanzar un mejor performace en el servicio al cliente esos 4 pasos son muy valiosos e importantes, sobretodo por que recien tengo un año en el puesto y es la primera ves que me desempeño en el.

    Gracias y saludos cordiales.

  2. Muy buen aporte, claro y fácil de entender. Sigan publicando

  3. Gracias siguán publicando felicitaciones buena publicación


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